About Me

Clients tell me I’m better at ‘finding the spots’ and getting rid of pain than other therapists. I got my start providing pain management in physical therapy and medical offices.

Below is a list of techniques I use, but techniques are techniques. What happens is my hands “listen” to your muscles. When a tight spot is ready to let go, your muscles move my hands.  You have to experience the unique abilities each practitioner brings to their work, and their personality and decide what you like. I can provide deep, medium or light pressure, and combinations of these. I am business-person friendly. If you need to work on your smartphone or have a conference call during your session, I’m fine with that.

  • Deep Tissue Massage **Neuromuscular Massage** Medical Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy ** Sports Massage
  • Myofascial Release ** Hot Stone Deep Tissue Massage
  • Hot Stone Swedish Relaxation Massage
  • Therapeutic Relaxation
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Reiki Master ** Reflexology**Aromatherapy
  • LYPOSSAGE detox/body contouring/cellulite removal
  • Massage for people with cancer/professional cancer caregivers

Since 1989 I have been in full time practice in Chapel Hill helping people with all kinds of chronic and acute pain, depression, anxiety, and of course your friend and mine, stress. I’ve also worked with high profile business leaders, rock stars, professional athletes and musicians, famous authors, and fabulous moms, dads, and students. Having been seriously injured myself, I understand the process of returning to optimal function.

Besides my extensive Massage training, I have a B.S. and an M.F.A. I’ve helped lots of folks through the ups and downs of life with compassion and humor. I like to think I have one foot in the medical world and one foot in the complimentary therapies world.

A bit about deep work. I’m pretty strong, but please remember you are in control of the amount of pressure. Deep work does not have to be painful to be effective. Muscles hurt because they are distressed, not because your massage therapist is a sadist! : ) Although it may seem odd, deep, focused massage work and the potential bearable discomfort helps the hurt go away quickly. You should feel like saying “yeah that’s the spot, get it!” rather than “that’s the spot and I’m beginning to hate you!” I’ve found that Hot stones add a wonderful dimension to deep massage. The stones are smooth and rounded to provide deep heat which softens the muscles and connective tissue and relaxes you even more.

During your session you can bring your own music, ipod, or listen to new age (relaxation music) classical, jazz, folk, pop, blues or rock. Silence is also an option.

If you like to chat, we can chat or if you prefer quiet, let me know and we won’t talk.

 Durham Chapel Hill Massage Therapy