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Want to lose inches of body fat? 

Lose or significantly reduce your cellulite? 

Get a natural facelift?  Detoxify and be healthier? 

Wouldn’t it be nice to fit into your skinny jeans, say goodbye to “bra line bulge” and not have your arms flap while you clap? How about kissing that sag under the chin goodbye?  Sounds too good to be true?  Well, that’s what I used to think.  You can have all of this with Lypossage TM.  It’s a new natural body contouring treatment that really works.  It’s backed by a year long study where 100 women lost body fat and kept it off.

Lypossage TM  is a combination of lymphatic and deep tissue massage treatments. The fatty tissue of your body acts as a ‘toxic waste disposal site’ where substances that it cannot metablolize are dumped.  This congested tissue can have poor circulation.  Lypossage TM breaks up the fat, moves it and the toxins through your lymphatic system so you can eliminate both from your body.

You can  have surgical results without the dangers and cost of liposuction and cosmetic surgery.  Did you know there’s a risk of death with liposuction?  Did you know that with liposuction, lymphatic channels are destroyed, and they don’t grow back?  As our environment gets more toxic, we need a functioning lymphatic system to eliminate toxins and waste from of our bodies to stay healthy..  And Lypossage TM gets the fat closer to the skin where cellulite is problematic.

Lypossage TM is a series of 18 treatments done over a five to six week period. The body is divided into zones correlating with how the lymphatic system detoxifies.   There are three zones, and you can pick one, two, or do them all.  Zone 1 is the legs, hips, buttocks, and lower abdomen.  Zone two is the upper abdomen, ribcage, back, chest and arms.   Zone three is the face, neck and upper chest.   

When thinking cost, Lypossage TM is thousands less than liposuction or a face lift. It is, however, more expensive than massage therapy, but regular massage cannot produce these wonderful results!  Due to the recession, I am charging WAY less than I am supposed to. I am supposed to charge $1800. per zone, but I don’t. Ask me about discounts I offer. I also offer a 9 session zone 3 series. (Facelift) Very affordable.

You’ll want to see my before and after pictures, and get all the information you’ll need to decide if Lypossage TM is right for you.  Plus, we need to see if you have any contraindications, so call or email me to set up your free consultation.